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About us

The Genesis

The Drug development services industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in which India supports global needs. There is a shortage of skilled talent to fuel this growth. What does this mean to young graduates? For talented and qualified professionals, this means a powerful career launcher, on the background where jobs for freshers are ironically scarce, even though there is a shortage of talent. Build an unmatched competence and an unmatched career will follow. Get yourself the Whiteboard advantage and take charge of your career.

Upskilling to emerging technologies has become the need of the hour, with technological changes shaping the career landscape. The Whiteboard offers programs in multiple analytical tools to help you upskill, stay relevant and get noticed in Clinical Domain. The Whiteboard offer meticulously structured courses with the industry-relevant curriculum.

The concerted efforts of The Whiteboard leadership led to the inception of the idea for a forum that would help both recruiters and career aspirants. While the young graduates would get a platform to launch a meaningful career, the recruiters would benefit by getting dynamic, project-ready professionals who can become productive quickly.

The Whiteboard has also forged strong partnerships with academia, which help complementing competences, knowledge and technologies to advance research and development and obtaining access to resources that are available only from specific partners (e.g. Life Science, Clinical Research)

The Genesis