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The Paradigm Shift from F2F to remote communication during COVID-19

Circa: Jurassic age

Picture a large meadow/forest/grassland. The Big Lizards, who ruled this planet, abound it. You see all sorts of them. Some of them are carnivores, sitting pretty at the top of the food chain.... Read More

The Paradigm shift from face to face to remote communication during covid times

The New Normal by Naresh Parlapalli

In-person communication was the oldest and most prominent way of corresponding in this world. However, due to pandemic and technology upgrades, we are adapting to the new age o... Read More

The Whiteboard Announces Acquisition of CliPLab Training Assets from Cytel

03 March 2021, Hyderabad
The Whiteboard, a leading academy for training professionals in the field of clinical trials and drug development, announced on February 19, the acquisition of assets from CLiPLab, a tra... Read More