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The Whiteboard Announces Partnership With Oviya MedSafe For Pharmacovigilance Training And Internship

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The Whiteboard Announces Partnership With Oviya MedSafe For Pharmacovigilance Training And Internship

An Alliance to bring out the Skilled Talent in Pharmacovigilance

The need for the regular monitoring of drugs has become more pronounced than ever before, eventually boosting the pharmacovigilance market. To enhance the patients’ health and quality of life, strict governance processes are in place to conduct clinical trials, product development activities as well as to conduct relations with patients and healthcare professionals following ethical and legal principles, it will provide a great opportunity for the skilled talented professionals in the Drug development services industry. The Whiteboard has collaborated with Oviya MedSafe, which will be a great opportunity for life science graduates and professionals to launch their careers in Pharmacovigilance Services Industry.

On the 6th of October 2021, The Whiteboard, the fastest-growing Life Sciences Skill-Building Company, made a significant move by announcing its strategic partnership with Oviya MedSafe, a global Pharmacovigilance Consulting & Drug Safety Services company

The Whiteboard partering with Oviya MedSafe

The Whiteboard is one of the finest Life Sciences Training Academy, which trains many young professionals In the Clinical domain by offering career programs that are very structured and industry-relevant. The leading experts in the industry very closely monitor the programs offered by the company. The curricula have been very thoughtfully made to help train the individuals so that they upskill themselves and get ready to address the practical scenarios. In March, a few months back, The Whiteboard had acquired the training assets from CliPLab, which is Cytel's training initiative based out of the US. 

Oviya MedSafe is a global Pharmacovigilance Consulting & Drug Safety Services company incorporated in India in 2012 and in the United Kingdom in 2014, offering advisory and outsourced support to the pharmaceutical industry. Oviya MedSafe works with renowned pharmaceutical companies and marketing authorization holders in various parts of the world. Oviya MedSafe provides end-to-end global drug safety support (combined with regulatory-compliant drug safety database access, as required) to pharmaceutical companies with mature pharmacovigilance systems. More importantly, Oviya MedSafe comprehensively consults with generic pharmaceutical companies across the globe to help them constantly evolve their pharmacovigilance departments to be in line with the regulations pertinent to their market presence.

This partnership aims at addressing the need for the right talent in the Drug Development Services Industry. The Whiteboard is launching Pharmacovigilance Pro (PV-PRO) to provide world-class training and internship in Pharmacovigilance Services. The professionals at The Whiteboard have great experience in providing high-quality training to the graduates in the arena for clinical trials, which includes clinical programming, R programming, data management, biostatistics, etc. Oviya MedSafe complements The Whiteboard with its core competency in pharmacovigilance subject matter expertise.

The alliance will help to leverage competencies, knowledge, and technologies to advance research and development and obtain access to resources that are available only from specific partners. It will also help students of life science background, as they will get exposed to Oviya MedSafe’s expertise in Pharmacovigilance function which will help them to attain wider knowledge in PV and make them project-ready.