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Clinical DATA Courses

CDA - Leap

CDA Leap provides a platform where candidates can master the various skills that the industry expects from entry-level professionals in Clinical Programming.

PV - Pro

The drug development service industry is facing a severe shortage of skilled resources, despite an ever-growing.

CDA - Accelerate

CDA – Accelerate is an integrated 9-months program aimed at providing give you an absolute advantage over fresh graduates seeking entry-level jobs in the clinical trial industry.

CDA - Aspire

In the drug development industry, Clinical programming plays an important and essential role in the research and development of drugs, diagnostics, and medical devices.

CDI - Pro

The Internship program aims to provide hands-on experience for interns and gain work experience through CDI - Pro. During these six months, interns get to work on assignments, which consists of practical applications of clinical programming, hand-holding and mentoring by industry professionals.


Upskilling experienced resources to emerging technologies with latest technological changes shaping industry landscape.


R Programming, an open-source tool, which is extensively used for data analysis in universities.