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Why The Whiteboard ?

The Whiteboard has developed a host of unique and customized job-oriented courses that help you gain expertise, enhance your credibility as a technical professional and provide the relevant practical and theoretical knowledge of the domain. The fact that the training modules are designed and delivered by experienced programmers means that you develop competence that is readily deployable

Key Differentiators of The Whiteboard

The Whiteboard is truly unique – there isn’t another company that matches up with what we have on offer.

Benefits for the participant:

  • Courses are designed by Industry and Domain experts with variegated experience in Clinical Trial Analytics.
  • A perfect blend of theoretical knowledge, practical training and professional grooming that helps you to become an experienced professional
  • Learn from the experts – renowned professionals who command authority in their respective fields
  • We cover all aspects of projects, such as meetings, discussions, specifications, clarifications and Quality Control; going much beyond the programming part.
  • You are better equipped to face job interviews, with Industry-recognized Internship Certificate and Experience letter to establish your credentials. We also groom you for interviews.
  • Our hybrid platform delivers unique onsite and online experiences that help build cutting-edge expertise, for today and tomorrow.
  • Opportunity to build a highly coveted profile that suits the market characterized by a severe shortage of experienced manpower
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Benefits for the recruiters:

  • Program Tailored to suit the requirements of the industry – all the programs are part of a strategic initiative to build a team of talented professionals to support growth.
  • The possibility of quick ramp-up as the candidates are groomed on a variety of skills including technical skills, soft-skills, and hands-on experience.
  • Stringent selection criteria to ensure that only right candidates are admitted.
  • We extend an expert hand to help you find the highly qualified talent you need.
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