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The Paradigm shift from face to face to remote communication during covid times

The Paradigm shift from face to face to remote communication during covid times

The New Normal by Naresh Parlapalli

In-person communication was the oldest and most prominent way of corresponding in this world. However, due to pandemic and technology upgrades, we are adapting to the new age of virtual communication. Even though, the new process is a cost-effective, less stressful, and more productive way of communication. Human interaction is missing. 

As though as a new world ordinance, people are more reliant on their virtual communication systems. In personal communication has been confined to individual’s homes. People are not comfortable meeting others in person. Due to the pandemic situation, human interactions in greatly affected. People are confined to their homes, interaction with family and friends is on phone or video call. Social gatherings are almost nullified and public meetings are like nightmares. Due to the increase in corona-positive cases, people are reluctant to interact with the outside world. Most of the meetings are organized on WebEx, zoom calls, or WhatsApp video calls. The virtual meeting became a new normal in the present-day scenario.

Even though mankind is going through a tough situation, we are hopeful that this too shall pass. On a positive note, we are confined to the home and spending more time with loved ones. Families are living together and spending time with loved ones. Joint families which are scattered due to education, jobs, and commitments pooled back to home to spend quality time with family. As one great scholar said, “family is the greatest strength to pass the hardest hurdle in life”. Even this too shall pass. Video conferences and video chats became stress busters to family and friends. At these hard times, technology became a lifesaver in case of resource sharing, information gathering, and a better approach towards problems.

Advancement of new-age technology helping people to cope with the present-day situation. Most of the business, activity-based, professional & personal meetings are virtual. Even family gatherings are organized online. A recent trend of attending a party or birthday virtually became a new trend. Even though people are missing the personal touch and feel, virtual meetings are filling the space up to a large extend. Older people are also quickly adopting technology fast to be fill up space. Nowadays, we can observe kids to old people are using mobile phones and computers. They are acquiring the skill to use technology and make life simple. Previously ordering food or groceries online was taboo, but it became a new normal.

As said by a great writer “tough time teach tough lessons”. In this hard time of the pandemic, shifting from face-to-face communication to virtual communication was the greatest achievement of mankind. People walking into a video call half-naked, a dog barking in the background, Children calling their parents on a video call and cooker whistle sound in an important presentation are few instances which we observed recently. These instances are new normal, and people are adapting to them.

On a positive note, we want this pandemic to end quickly, and people move back to their new normal. Where we can hug our good friend, share a glass of wine, gather to laugh out loud, and travel to explore new places with family and friends. Yes, we are confident that even this shall pass.

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Name: Naresh Parlapalli
Designation: Clinical Data acquisition lead
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